See what you will probably never see in reality, thanks to the PCOD

One-dimensional B2O3 models (not DFT-optimized) as predicted by GRINSP

Construction of these B2O3 models (3D, 2D, 1D and 0D) described in 2005 and 2010 in refs. [1 and 8] - BO3 triangles interconnected exclusively by corner-sharing. See other works in a 2012 paper and in a 2016 thesis. Data from the 2009 (766 models) and 2010 (5118 models) PCOD updates.

Not exhaustive list (more will be added during the next weeks, maybe)...

References for these GRINSP predictions :

1- Inorganic structure prediction with GRINSP. A. Le Bail, J. Appl. Cryst. 38 (2005) 389-395.
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3- Powerpoint file : Contribution to the "Gordon Conference Style" Workshop : Global Optimisation Techniques Applied to the Prediction of Structures, 5-7 July 2006, University College London (.ppt or zipped)
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Tunnels and multiple tunnels with variable diameters

PCOD1500421   CIF

PCOD1500165   CIF

PCOD1500259   CIF

PCOD1500300   CIF

PCOD1500427   CIF

PCOD1500457   CIF

PCOD1500509   CIF

PCOD1500619   CIF