Final Comments

Last modified September, 1996 - Armel Le Bail


Have Fun and Good Luck


Improving STRUVIR

Implementation of more efficient capabilities will be done only if there is some interest from users (and if I am able to do the job!). The Windows 95 executable was created by MSVC++2.00 from the C source obtained by applying f2c to the FORTRAN source (using libi77.lib, libf77.lib and f2c.h).

STRUVIR has a long history as a public domain software, mainly under the STRUPLO name. Many people have contributed to improvements. Sources are still available for free. So why not to improve the program by yourself. If so, please continue to propose your version as a freeware with sources (you may not like colors I have selected, for instance...).

Interesting changes could be :


Possibly there could be different kinds of problems. The .dat files delivered with STRUVIR.ZIP have been tested and visualized successfully with the VRweb and Live3D VRML viewers. This is unsufficient for claiming bug absence. Particularly, the coherency of shading according to light sources has not been checked : the drawing is sometimes 'bizarre' as stated by some pre-beta testers. Viewers like Cosmo Player from SGI and the Microsoft VRML Add-in will not give good results essentially because the STRUVIR VRML output is not well optimized. Only those viewers enabling two-sided face lighting in VRML 1 should be used. Also, you may find that 'flat shading' renders better the VRML STRUVIR files than 'smooth shading'.

Bugs correction :