See what you will probably never see in reality, thanks to the PCOD

Two-dimensional borosilicate models (not DFT-optimized) as predicted by GRINSP

They can be porous too...

Models selected among 3603 CIFs including 3D, 2D and 1D borosilicates : BO3 triangles connected to SiO4  tetrahedra exclusively by corner-sharing

Not exhaustive list (more will be added during the next weeks, maybe)...

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PCOD7000690   B4Si3O12   CIF

PCOD7000524   B4Si3O12   CIF

PCOD7000899   Si3B4O12   CIF

PCOD7000271   Si2B6O13   CIF

PCOD7001371   SiB10O17   CIF

PCOD7002827   SiB6O11   CIF

PCOD7000814   SiB6O11   CIF

PCOD7000540   SiB4O8   CIF

PCOD7000776   Si6B14O33   CIF

PCOD7001926   SiB4O8   CIF

PCOD7001078   SiB6O11   CIF

PCOD7002532   Si3B4O12   CIF

PCOD7000618   Si2B2O7   CIF

PCOD7002393   SiB12O20   CIF

PCOD7000006   SiB2O5   CIF

PCOD7000110   SiB12O20   CIF

PCOD7002937   Si4B6O17   CIF

PCOD7002617   Si2B2O7   CIF

PCOD7000142   Si5B8O22   CIF

PCOD7000119   Si5B12O28   CIF

PCOD7001574   Si2B2O7   CIF

PCOD7002537   SiB2O5   CIF

PCOD7000148   SiB2O5   CIF

PCOD7000126   Si4B2O11   CIF

PCOD7001780   Si2B6O13   CIF

PCOD7001115   SiB8O14   CIF

PCOD7000753   Si2B6O13   CIF

PCOD7000683   Si3B8O18   CIF

PCOD7000815   Si3B8O18   CIF

PCOD7001575   SiB2O5   CIF

PCOD7001155   SiB6O11   CIF

PCOD7000004   Si4B6O17   CIF

PCOD7000441   Si3B10O21   CIF

PCOD7000310   SiB2O  CIF

PCOD7001617   SiB4O8   CIF