See what you will probably never see in reality, thanks to the PCOD

One-dimensional aluminoborate models (not DFT-optimized) as predicted by GRINSP

Models selected among 4138 CIFs (2009 update) including 3D, 2D, 1D and 0D aluminoborates - AlO6 octahedra or trigonal prisms connected to BO3 triangles exclusively by corner-sharing.

Note that these models are not electrically neutral

Not exhaustive list (more will be added during the next weeks, maybe)...

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PCOD6101412   [AlB8O15]-3   CIF

PCOD6102375   [AlB8O15]-3   CIF

PCOD6101227   [AlB18O30]-3   CIF

PCOD6100314   [AlB18O30]-3   CIF

PCOD6100842   [AlB12O21]-3   CIF

PCOD6100125   [AlB18O30]-3   CIF

PCOD6100592   [AlB12O21]-3   CIF

PCOD6100210   [AlB24O39]-3   CIF

PCOD6100455   [AlB30O48]-3   CIF

PCOD6101703   [AlB8O15]-3   CIF

PCOD6101701   [AlB6O12]-3   CIF

PCOD6100190   [AlB18O30]-3   CIF

PCOD6100134   [AlB18O30]-3   CIF

PCOD6101111   [AlB8O15]-3   CIF

PCOD6100227   [AlB12O21]-3   CIF

PCOD6100782   [AlB18O30]-3   CIF

PCOD6101604   [AlB4O9]-3   CIF

PCOD6100265   [AlB4O9]-3   CIF

PCOD6102318   [AlB22O36]-3   CIF

PCOD6102380   [AlB10O18]-3   CIF

PCOD6100367   [AlB6O12]-3   CIF

PCOD6102323   [AlB22O36]-3   CIF

PCOD6103350   [AlB14O24]-3   CIF

PCOD6103354   [AlB10O18]-3   CIF

PCOD6103398   [AlB10O18]-3   CIF

PCOD6100293   [AlB12O21]-3   CIF

PCOD6100339   [AlB30O48]-3  CIF